I’ve had terrible times searching for a solution. The problem: i have window (Ext.window) which contains two panels (Ext.Panel and Ext.FormPanel). These panels need Autoheight. If the content exceeds the height of the window, it gives a scrollbar. Scrolling works fine in Firefox (FF) and Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), but not in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). The Panel and FormPanel stay where they are, but the topic bar does scroll. Very annoying.

After spending some hours in trying to find out what is the problem, or maybe finding how to find more people with similar problems, i finally came at: http://www.extjs.net/forum/showthread.php?p=224621

The problem with ie7 is described / shown here: Overflow Auto and Position Relative

The solution is simple but effective. Place the following code after you’ve loaded ext-all.js:
setAutoScroll: function() {
if (this.rendered && this.autoScroll) {
var el = this.body || this.el;
if (el) {
// Following line required to fix autoScroll
el.dom.style.position = 'relative';